Twins on the loose.

Last seen at the citadel, these beasts were told to take out some stone golems, but they went too far, and blew a hole in the side of the building, The codemaster able to call the beasts anywhere he is, but not able to dictate for them to leave they were unleashed on the world, and they were here to stay… The Soldiers chasing behind them, but they were too fast, a whirlwind of fire and ice followed behind… Then they stopped at a clearing facing each other, Icarius spawned several Abominable snowmen, the two raring to fight it out, as they’ve always have…

Then a dragon comes down flapping it’s wings extiguishing syrius’s flames, It was cloud, “Don’t you two have something better to do?” “You’ve already busted a hole in the citadel, isn’t that enough?”, but Syrius’s flame rekindled, shot a fireball towards the dragon, but the dragon started transforming back to his werewolf form just in time, and missed the shot, but the fireball flew off into the distance, struck a 4 story building, and leveled it, “People are living in there…

Can’t you two be a little more careful?!” Icarius Sent his Snowmen at syrius, but were melted almost instantaneously… “CODEMASTER, summon these two elsewhere” “The codemaster stepped from behind a tree, raised his arms, Said his peace, and they poofed, where they least expected, Icarius to Nuclear Winterland, and Syrius to Donutstan, where both could work instead of wrecking things…. but it’s only a matter of time before they come together again, but when?!

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