Threats Towards the President is Illegal

So, Why do these people do it? Because people told them it was a good idea? Because twitter is against anything Conspiracy Theory related, but leaves violent threats up towards the Sitting President, Cabinet members, Representatives, and Senators, even after Senator Steve Scalise had been shot by someone potentially uttering things such as these… These Violent Anarchists, Arsonists, and Activists, Won’t stop at protest, we’ve seen the burning cities everywhere, the Chaos, and the Destruction that Ensues.. These people must be met with Action to ensure we keep our country free and independent.


We have to place blame on this one for these types of attacks.
We should definitely Keep our eyes on you too… This partisan BS is crazy

2 thoughts on “Threats Towards the President is Illegal

  1. Hobbit

    Great take on this insanity we’re seeing! When exactly did it become okay to threaten to kill ANYONE much less a sitting President? 🤔😡


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