These Ladies… My Bane

Yeah, you down there in the pink, Miu! You drive me insane with your beauty, You are in my dreams most of the time. If there were a woman I would want, you would be the one, I understand you are WAY out of my league, and you have many fans just like myself thinking exactly the same thing.. I donate money to your MemberMe, but I very rarely watch as I don’t have much time during the broadcast, but I make sure I get the replay for later. I don’t want to miss a single video, not only is your body absolute perfection, but that smile, charisma is simply amazing, I used to think you were the shy one…I was wrong. Keep up the good work!

2 thoughts on “These Ladies… My Bane

  1. Isidora Taty

    I understand how you feel, it only see that you are really fan of those beautiful ladies, im sure they gonna be happy if they read this🥰🥰 keep support waveya as you do always they deserve everything, un my case waveya are my inspiration for my dances etc, im a fangirl what they do is really amazing


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