The search for Kiraku

The Clerics at temple had an Urgent distress call about some new strain of disease that struck the mainland, some people falling into a perpetual time loop that makes them repeat the same activities over, and over in a paradoxical fashion that would even have the best healers spooked.

They were walking in circles, talking about the same exact things over and over, most of the people screaming “Orange Man Bad” whatever that means, and What’s bad is that they can’t remember what happened two weeks in the past, and they keep destroying monuments to honor those brave souls that fought in wars to preserve our great nation, a true calamity.

Some of the diseased people are so filled with hate that they don’t know where they are, what they are doing… Chanting things that should be apparent in the year of 2020, but time is relative to the rest of us, and we remember what they don’t, be it workmanship, or compassion, or love of common man..

The healers called out to Kiraku, but he was nowhere to be found… I believe they call this Trump Derangement Syndrome, but we are yet to find a cure, so the easiest thing to do, is manipulate time to show them what they are doing wrong. KIRAKU!!! Where are you? the Healers chant, the markings on the wall with representations of him for the last 6000 years…

I told them, the only way that you can call him, as a codemaster I knew how it worked, holding a hematite Zurai!! Bushi!! KletoSempi!!!! and with that a black portal appeared on the center of the room, a bipedal wolf with a dark grey robe, stepped through the portal one step at a time, “Somebody Wrang?” The clocks in the room spinning out of control, “Yes, we need you to fix a time paradox sickness with these sick people, “I see he said”, and then he moves both arms in a 90 degree angle, and a huge sphere appeared, sucking the sickness out of the people… I thanked him, but stepped outside, and it was 1988, and nothing was Arie, America was Truly Great Again.. Kiraku said, “Unfortunately, the only way to fix their disease is to turn back time, which means that you will have to do everything you’ve ever done over again..”, I Agreed, and he stepped back through the portal, waiting for that right moment that someone needed a reset again.

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