The CodeMaster

I’ve trolled countless thousands of you without so much as a scratch, and you still haven’t the slightest clue who I am and how this works, so I’ll spell it out in a language you understand. The CodeMaster…. is just that.. I am me, and all other creations that I’ve created… I’m the narrator, usually all powerful, and can change the way that you perceive reality, to make you grasp the feel of the fantasy world that I put forth.

When I was asking you who I was, I didn’t mean my real name… No, I meant which character was I playing at that particular time, The troll of the matter is that when you write the script, you have creative liberties to change whatever factor it is without restraint, you are inevidibly the writer of this story, and all of it’s inhabitants….

You are inevitably puzzled to what this all means… Learn How To Code…

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