The Black Chapel

Tree Wolf, and Cloud were out fighting a Giant out in the fields of decay, then out of nowhere a Gigantic, multilevel black church showed up at the bottom of the hill out of the fog, Cloud’s lightning was useless against this giant, as he was grounded against all attacks, wearing his rubber suit, Tree Wolf’s Arrows just bounced off of his suit, they peered behind them to the church and ran for safety…

This wasn’t your average church however, gargoyle statues outside, a black knight riding a horse, and several other statues that looked as if they were goblins, or trolls of some sort.. They opened the door to a large creeeeeek.

the entryway was outlined by it’s black and white checkerboard floor, there were cobwebs hanging from the ceilings, a bat flew out of the corner, right out from the door they entered from. There the pews were completely empty, there was a bowl at the front harboring a black fluid unknown to the two beasts.

At the corner of the room there was an elevator, shiny, just like an elevator you would see in a large Corporate complex, the two beasts stepped inside the elevator, as this was more inviting than the ground level that they had seen thus far, one button on the elevator’s control panel, the number 13 was illuminated with a green button, the rest a pale grey. They pushed the number 13 willingly to escape the erie feeling of the first floor, the elevator started moving — Wrrrrrrr – Beep – Click – Beep – Click – Bing, and with that they were there, the door opened…

Outside the elevator oddly was a Starbucks coffee shop… “And I thought I’ve seen everything” Said cloud.. “Yeah, well what about all of those blond chicks?” He was right, there was an odd thing about this Starbucks on top of the church, all of the ladies were standing completely still, they weren’t moving, “Mam, Where are we”, All of the blondes turned their head in unison, They opened their mouths to reveal that they had sharp piercing teeth, and blood red eyes, tree wolf exclaimed “Can I offer you some cccccompany?” The Blondes started moving towards them, not even sporting a towel, not that this wasn’t attractive, but the way that they opened their mouths creepily in unison sent shivers down their spine. “MOOOCHA LATTEE” The ladies shrieked.

The person at the counter, also a blonde girl, With the same exact expression. “That will be 3000 gold coins” She said with a very greedy look on her face.” Too creeped out, the two beasts, turned around, ran back to the elevator, pushing the 1 button over and over to no avail, Suddenly, they wake up in the center of central park, New York City, with a beggar asking for change, they were human again, no longer in the Dream World.. They wondered what they had seen, but they both were glad that they were away from the mess in store.

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