Step Back and look, and the DreamTeam worldmap

While some have barely started, a few of you have really risen to the charge, not only did you get in there and build your Fantasy Worlds, in major support of Trump, established your own “MicroNations” and the UN probably doesn’t claim you, but I definitely do.

Doesn’t matter too much because Donald J. Trump is planning on pulling out of the UN sooner, rather than later with his latest moves, severing ties with the world health organization which had been completely overridden by the prospects of an evil dictatorship known as China, and I will call it exactly what it is. PURE EVIL

So, when I say we want to free Tibet, Hong Kong, and the rest of Mainland, I mean it. The map is purely a fantasy world, but what’s wrong with a fantasy world with beer, and donuts, General Tso Chicken, Some Root beer, Teddy Bears, Nuclear Wonderlands, and Hobbit houses?? Not a damn thing. Sure makes something for the funny papers tho.

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