Something that bothers me about the Trump movement.

A ton of you probably see this the way that I see it, but are afraid to talk about it because the leaders of the different DM rooms would inevitably toss you on your ass for even questioning their rules, or motives behind the rules that they put in place.

Something recently came to my attention that some groups are against “self promotion”, I don’t really understand this motivation, and the “Paytriots” that you attack on a daily basis that are on our side, and have an extra way to make ends meet, SHOULD DO THAT!!!

You heard it here, and I will be very adamant on those words… The 2016 election was not only to elect Donald J Trump, but the election was to help you the American People… Get jobs, create new jobs… And the American way is to Pursue happiness…

If that happiness means you make money selling boxes of pocket knives with a Trunk open on the side of the road, or in advertising revenue, or T-shirts… You should absolutely GO DO IT!!! The people that say otherwise, It makes them sound like communists, I don’t wanna hear it, and if I had someone pushing those types of things in my groups, they would be out on their ass in 5 seconds flat, with, or without their shoes….

If someone wants to sell something to help their selves, or their families… I won’t be the one dogging them for it… That’s for sure.. Entrepreneurial Spirit is needed for a pro-capitalist republic such as ours. THE END.

3 thoughts on “Something that bothers me about the Trump movement.

  1. Hobbit

    I can say that I categorically agree with this point of view… furthermore this extends also to people who just have something to say…if they have a blog or newsfeed the promotion of โ€œselfโ€ ultimately is promotion of our basic First Amendment! Platforms such as Twitter with limited characters make that extremely difficult and time consuming not only in the writing but also in the reading! ๐Ÿ™„

    1. admin Post author

      The letters are also so close together up and down, makes it a pain for me to read at all.. Totally agree with that concept.


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