Sailing the open Seas

The fishing boats were out, and none the wiser, it was morning, the sun was shining, water was blue/green in color, and everything was going absolutely perfect for the sailors that were on the water between the claudatian empire, and Hobbit’s Middle Earth. The whales every once in a while coming up and letting some water out of their blow holes, and the dolphins swimming happily.

A sailor looked off of his pier, only to see someone in a junk boat tossing garbage into the sea, this didn’t make the sailor on watch very happy, as this was the place where they wanted to fish, and swim, and sail without soda can rings, and other random garbage hurting the wildlife that resided there… upsetting the ecosystem, and possibly killing birds, fish, and poisoning the fisherman’s food supply…

In the Claudatian Empire, Dumping was seen as a high crime, and should be punished at the fullest extent of the law… There were no soldiers around to deal with such calamity, Aquarius was wading below the boat in question, He was a very large beast, about 3 times the size of any of the others, seaweed coming off of his large frame, he put his gigantic arms on the side of the boat, lifted himself out of the water, to speak to the polluter…

He came at Aquarius with a harpoon, but Aquarius was too quick for the man, grabbed the harpoon, and snapped it in two, then picked up the man, “What the hell do you think you are doing, not only did you throw garbage into the water that others are eating, and swimming out of, but you are damaging the very water that life originally came from, but when I came to speak to you, you attacked me?”

“Give me a reason not to rip your head off, and leave you for dead”, the Polluter, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again”. Aquarius puts the man down, says “You better clean up this mess, or I’ll be back… and you won’t be so lucky next time.” Aquarius, then Jumps back into the water, and swims off into the distance, going towards Goofy Foot Islands, Wonder what’s in store for him next? ~To Be Continued~

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