Please Read the Comments of this.

If you are, or were a Q follower prior to the twitter purge that happened recently, you need to look no further than here to find all of the people targeted by the Leftist Dogmatic fools, I’ve warned Time and Time and Time again, but nobody was listening, lisa mei nor punisher responded to my pleas for assistance over there… This is Targeted Harrassment at it’s core, whether you believe in Q or not, they should have the right to their opinions.

I wasn’t even a Q follower Perse, but I had a ton of friends that were, and I got painted into a corner I couldn’t get out of, they robbed Teddy’s train that he made for us… As we know it’s not ok to do trains anymore, but nobody listened, and nobody cared… Now, they added a feature to twitter, where you can block people from posting replies, but it doesn’t reduce the visibility to enemy combatants so, I’m not even sure the purpose… Still being painted into a box by assholes that think they are morally superior, while pushing Marxism! To hell with communism… To heaven with free thinking independents tho! That’s for sure.

There is a connection here, but I haven’t found the culprit, Yet…

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