My ultimate reason for Voting for Trump in 2016

Business people, Yes, I’m looking at you… Why wouldn’t you want a Pro-American, Pro Business Capitalist in the White House? It’s simple objectivity, moving the goalpost to fit our needs, lowering taxes, so that we can have a fair shot in this economy without being sucked to death by the scourge of democrat socialist politicians… Pretty simple reason right? In 2012 I voted for Ron Paul because I wanted the Federal Reserve to take a hike, in place of paper fiats, which are TERRIBLE, and instead base our money on something equitable that could last a lifetime if we did it right… He was pro-life too, which in all honesty, Who would willingly want to end the life of a unborn child, it was in 2012 when my son was born, Fire engine red hair, he was absolutely one of a kind, and this child will soon become the center focal point of my world (Currently working on making him a genius like good old dad), but the main point is, Who in the hell would want to give up a child that hasn’t had the chance to be born? It’s not only ignorant, but it’s a crime of humanity as a whole, and should be made illegal. Back to 2016, the election comes along, people asked me to start drawing Trump cartoons. Then Came the part where he promised us to get rid of the individual mandate, which if left in would have taken approximately 45 percent of my income tax.. It ended up being a NO Brainer.

Still independent to the political game as a whole, but I knew that I must cast my vote soon, and I wasn’t sure which one I was going to pick until the last possible moment, and I am proud of my decision, and has done all of the things that I’ve ever wanted in this great nation, and much more.

Plenty to come, please hold tight, and Enjoy the ride, Cloud.

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