My Tussle With Internet Anonymity

I ran my twitter account with my real name, where I lived, and everything, and still people had the preconceived notion that I care that people know who I am… Is that really true though? do they really? my IRL name isn’t what I use to share my true thoughts, and feelings towards certain details of my life, or political quagmire.

I am Cloud, and in my opinion, I am more real as cloud than I’ve ever really been as the real name that I use in real life regardless… There are sections of my mind that people don’t see in doxxing, they were better off just asking me… I would tell them all they want to know…

As far as my physical location, does it really matter where I live other than the city, and state? I believe the inner mind is much more powerful than just a phone book entry… Now that they stepped in the snakes nest, and can’t see me coming, they are all afraid… I would be too. I am the storm.

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