Middle of Central Park.

As we left off on our adventure, Cloud, and Tree Wolf were last seen in the middle of central park, Human again.. A beggar asking for money, but the too were frightened by the Sirens in the Dream World. They told the beggar that they didn’t have any money.. Their powers were very limited in this world because they were back in reality, where everything functions normally, or so they think…

They stop at the food cart both of the beasts were very hungry, but as previously stated, they had no money, but some rich guy was coming through, this is 1988, when America was booming more than it was now, this guy ran past “Hey my name is Donald”,

He came strolling past, and lone behold, he came and tossed both of them a 50 dollar bill, and told them if they ever came to New York again, to Stop by Trump Tower, but seemed like a very busy man, ladies looking at him from every position, shining example of how Americans should be, Prosperous, and Confident. Maybe Cloud, and Tree Wolf will take him up on his offer some day. ~ Stay Tuned ~

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