Introduction Chapter 1.

I am cloud the beast of lightning, but I am not the only beast in existence, there are 12 of us though out the known world, It all began with an Idea of a 13 year old kid, with his notebook in hand, a pen, a pile of stones, each representing his or her own spiritual beast, the notebook had a series of characters, lines, and was the “calling code” of each of these known beasts, not all are yet revealed, In this I am number 7, Stone for calling is Quartz, as the best is always the last on this list. Each beast represented a particular element, Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Time, Charm Ice. Most were represented by a bipedal wolf creature. The “Code-master” can create the calling codes, and beasts that they represent. When the codes are activated, there is a certain emanation coming from the stones.. Again, not so much delusions of grandeur, more so an overactive mind of a kid.. It’s almost like when you jump from couch to couch, and think you can fly in a way. ;D

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