Cloud’s Adventure to Hobbit’s Middle Earth.

With a flash, I was there, and not without reason, the hobbits were frolicking, quite the happy little folks they are, myself I’m kind of the stubborn type, and really only want to either talk business, or fight, but they always goad me into relaxing, which is quite hard to do, I gotta say outside, their doors are so amazingly tiny, that I wouldn’t know how to fit even in the biggest one.

I stopped specifically to see Frodo, he had sent me a letter, telling me that the inhabitants are unruly over Sauron sending three trolls to the village to steal their goods, and look for frodo’s ring. Those trolls didn’t see what was coming because with a few words, I raised my hands in the air, and a great storm came, and two of the trolls ran back to safety, but one of them didn’t quite make it…

Gonk, received a direct hit from the storm above, knocking him completely motionless, then the maelstrom receded, the other trolls long gone, and the fearful hobbits happy they were gone, Frodo thanked me, I didn’t stay for long, but there was Hobbit, that didn’t have much to say, she was hiding behind a tree, I did notice this before I left the place, she did seem grateful, but I never got her name. With a flash, I was gone, back to where I belonged.

2 thoughts on “Cloud’s Adventure to Hobbit’s Middle Earth.

  1. Hobbit

    🥰Her name is Hobbit!!! She’s a hobbit and is sometimes suspicious of strange things!!! Cloud is very welcome there anytime and will get a rowdy reception as he’s their hero!!!✨🙏✨


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