Citadel Under Siege!!

“Intruder!” Screams the guard, as the Citidel is being invaded, golems sliding across the floor, with the sound of stone being rustled together, along with very large thuds on the ceiling on the below floor, knocking some of the concrete loose.

“They seem to be after someone or something, but we don’t know what” Said the guard, to the captain. “I think this might be a job for Icarious unfortunately, last time we called him, he froze the entire place into a block of ice, so I am not exactly thrilled with having to do it, but we have little choice, Send in the Code-Master”….

The Code-Master walks into the room, Zenrai Forshe Tonea, A skinny wolf appears with a bandage over his right eye, “You wrang?”, “Yes, these golems have invaded the citadel, and they don’t speak, but they are very violent, and are currently smashing things in the courtyard in the back, Can you fix this without causing too much damage?” “No guarantees, my brother is on the way too” The captain gasps, falls to the floor in dispair.

A very overweight wolf creature walking up the stairs, through the corridor, and into the courtyard, he is watching what’s going on, Then quickly, the two wolves merge into one gigantic monster, standing at about 12 foot tall, Syrius, and Icarius spin into eachother creating a whirlwind, with Icarius Frost, and Syrius’s lava ball, creating a Frost Bomb, the merged giant “Bombarius” Throws what appears like a bowling ball,

3-2-1 KABOOOOM! the Golems fall to the floor, but not without puting a flaming hole in the side of the citadel…With that, the day was saved “sort of”, and the two brothers defused, and disappeared in thin air.

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