“The Codemaster is presiding” said the man in the grey suit with a red tie, and black briefcase, “Care for a Trek Across time?” “Why yes I would” said the other man wearing regular street clothes. the man with the briefcase pulls the lever on the floor, the room starts violently shaking, then moves around in a circular fashion, “Walk up the stairs, and out through the balcony, You will be in 2036, in London… Take this with you, “handed the plain clothes man a device, “Use it wisely, It’s a portable Mini-musket”, “head to the house on the hill, a few of our men are under attack at the laboratory…

Antifa rioters have the place under siege”, So, the plainclothes man, “CodeMaster” Walks out the door, fire and flames everywhere in this hell-scape, buildings on fire everywhere, Windows smashed, stores looted, and nowhere for the honest working man to be… Thugs armed to the teeth with baseball bats with nails through them, chains nearby, “fella, can I interest you in some goods?”, but the “CodeMaster” kept walking” past all of the mobs of incessant criminals, up the hill towards the Lab, where they are doing chronological experiments.

The flames got brighter, and brighter the further he walked, until he went to the very top of the hillside, a blue house, and a little white house sit at the very top… The blue house had a man in a lab coat standing out in front of it, “Ah, so the Business Man has gotten to you in the nick of time”, I need backup so I can continue my experiments, and get us out of this mess, Seems that the elections of 2020 in the USA bled over here, and we are in perpetual war with the rioters, In this reality, your powers don’t work, you can’t feasibly call for assistance from your beast friends.

The rioters were coming up the hill screaming, “Every City, Every Town, Burn it all to the ground” Sound Familiar? They were coming up the hill with Flamethrowers, and musket ball launchers, just like the one the “CodeMaster” Just received from the man in the building at the bottom of the hill.

Then, a man comes out of the door of the little white house, the Antifa scourge went there first… The Rioter with the Musketball gun fires, the man lay there motionless..

Then the “Codemaster” Quickly reaches into his pocket, pulls out his Musketball gun, and Fires 3 Rounds in the direction of the rioters, two go down, One screaming for dear life, The Laboratory Man walks out, tosses the “CodeMaster” a Potion, Drink that, your powers will return… He crumples over.. Calls the sign, and Treewolf appears with a blink, and swiftly takes out an arrow, and shoots the last rioter between the eyes with his bow..

The “CodeMaster” Turns into a ball of light, and Re-Appears in the Dream World. ~To Be Continued~

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