Chapter 3 – The Watchers

The Watchers, like the beasts, are Spiritual beasts, but these 5 individuals are different as they are already there, always on the prowl, they don’t need to be called, as they are already there standing in the shadows lurking and watching your every move.

The only one that I’ve ever gotten through luck was Tamoshucan, they wear trench coats, have glowing yellow eyes, and there is physically no way to escape their gaze…

Although they seem menacing, they are technically there to protect you from physical harm. They will contact the beasts if any trouble is afoot, and are very quick to react to threats nearby.. They prefer shadows, and darkness over sunlight.

They have no stones to call them… They are permanently there in your stead, creatures of the night.. There is a small chance you yourselves have seen some of these types of creatures around you too. Crossing one of these as an evil doer will not end well… Just sayin’

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