Chapter 2 – Beast 5 & 6 – Syrius and Icarius

These two are the Twin beasts, one of fire, and one of ice, and they are the tricksters of the set of beasts, and their alignment is more-so chaotic than the rest with Icarius’s blizzards, and Syrius’s fire & brimstone & Meteoric power. Always playing tricks on each other, and often causing destruction in their wake.

They might mean well, but these two beasts, are always causing trouble for the inhabitants of the Claudatian Empire… Although, when it comes down to it, to save the world, they are required to fulfill the prophesy just like the others with numbers.

Syrius’s stone is Volcanic Glass, or obsidian, and Icarius is dumortierite, Syrius’s build is large and robust, and Icarius is skinny as a rail. While Icarius has an army of abominable snowmen, Syrius has an army of Magma Golems in case of calamity.. They are both Authoritarian towards their armies, and enjoy skirmishes in between wars.. but be weary of these two, they are trouble.

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