Chapter 2, beast 4 – Kiraku

This beast unlike the previous 3 beasts doesn’t have a name corresponding to his ultimate purpose, this is the beast of time, he is an absolute chronological marvel, to slow or speed up time, and is completely responsible for the reset if there is to be one in the period of the given world in question. He gets along with the other beasts, and the code-master, and other than that stays hidden for the right opportunity.

Every 22 years exactly a situation happens where a world is over-run by a force that is otherwise unknown to the general public, which makes him probably one of the strangest beasts in that he doesn’t communicate, or consult others, there are rumors of his existence within stone monoliths on the temples in the Claudatian Empire, but he prefers silence, and solitude in the Extreme..

Quite a loner, but not unfriendly either when seen, His stone is Hematite, Which is a very reflective rock, and matches his what you see is what you get personality. Perhaps in 2020, he can help us accomplish bringing Trump to an absolute victory.

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    1. admin Post author

      He is probably one of the most important beasts out of all of them, he can slow, and speed up time, and when it comes to the “reset” which i will get into later, he is the harbinger of the new dawn, which makes his secrecy, and protection the utmost of importance, without him, there is no way back.


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