Chapter 2, beast 3 – Aquarius

As you probably already noticed from this bestiary most of the beasts of the series have attributes built into their names, as this one is the beast of water, when in water his strength becomes 10 fold of when on land, he loves water grappling, and waves, and with a clap he can create his own waves.

He hangs out with the mermaids, and creatures in the seas, lakes, oceans, all the way down to the ponds, Loves fishermen, and surfers, swimmers… but hates the garbage that gets strewn upon the beaches, and in the water.. This beast likes the idea of the great lakes being restored, which Donald Trump championed and funded.

The Pacific Ocean on the other hand’s Island made completely of garbage upsets him… Let’s hope that we can clean up our oceans and waterways, and secure safety for the Animals in the ocean that literally breathe life into our ecosystem as a whole, if you damage the water beyond repair, nothing shall live.. Regardless of Global Temperatures….

His stone is an Aquamarine, Very interesting one.

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