Chapter 2, beast 2 – Tree Wolf

Well, as the name suggests, this beast hangs out on top of trees, with a quiver on his back, and a bow in hand, It’s a rather standard looking wooden bow, with the exception that this bow has carvings etched in solid gold.

He is very friendly with the elves, and human hermits, and druids that prefer solitude instead of city life, although, when there is a party at the woodland villages, he is sure to come with his Absinthe in hand, and is willing to share with all.

His spiritual stone of calling is Jade, He is an expert in stealth, He is not unfriendly to the lumberjacks that cut down trees especially in the dry months in order to keep the forest fires to a minimum, but prefers the lumberjacks that replant the next generation of trees that will be used to climb for years to come.

He is definitely about helping the environment thrive, but he isn’t very kind to the idea of the Green New Deal, or the Environmental changes to normal people’s washing detergent…. (They removed Phosphates from the soap to limit algae growth, but let’s face it, Fish actually eat algae, and algae promotes oxygen production.) Along with AOC’s COW FARTS hurting the Ozone Layer. SMH

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