Category: Fantasy Stories


“The Codemaster is presiding” said the man in the grey suit with a red tie, and black briefcase, “Care for a Trek Across time?” “Why yes I would” said the other man wearing regular street clothes. the man with the briefcase pulls the lever on the floor, the room starts violently shaking, then moves around […]

The Black Chapel

Tree Wolf, and Cloud were out fighting a Giant out in the fields of decay, then out of nowhere a Gigantic, multilevel black church showed up at the bottom of the hill out of the fog, Cloud’s lightning was useless against this giant, as he was grounded against all attacks, wearing his rubber suit, Tree […]

The CodeMaster

I’ve trolled countless thousands of you without so much as a scratch, and you still haven’t the slightest clue who I am and how this works, so I’ll spell it out in a language you understand. The CodeMaster…. is just that.. I am me, and all other creations that I’ve created… I’m the narrator, usually […]

Citadel Under Siege!!

“Intruder!” Screams the guard, as the Citidel is being invaded, golems sliding across the floor, with the sound of stone being rustled together, along with very large thuds on the ceiling on the below floor, knocking some of the concrete loose. “They seem to be after someone or something, but we don’t know what” Said […]