Campaign Goals for 2020 from my perspective.

  1. Get Donald Trump Re-Elected
  2. Fight for 9/11 Truth (No-matter what that truth is)
  3. End Hostilities in Democrat Ran Shitholes (Elect someone else to fill roles if necessary)
  4. Clean up Demorat Ran Shit holes Including, but not only Installing and maintaining Porta-potties at the end of city blocks, or public restroom, shower area for the homeless.
  5. Clean up the worlds oceans, United States’ lakes, and rivers in coordination with other country’s garbage producers. ( I didn’t say stop boats and cars, now did I?!)
  6. Colonize Space. (my dream)

4 thoughts on “Campaign Goals for 2020 from my perspective.

  1. PLM

    Decoupling 🇺🇸 strategic industries and materials from China 🇨🇳 in a presidential term!


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