Aquarius VS. Patrick the Wrestler

Long days and nights at a campground in Ohio, Chapparal to be exact, they had a lake for swimming, and fishing, plenty of trails for walking, and plenty of booze for watching Nascar, play cards, and for my stepmother to get drunk and lock herself in the camper, cause It’s hot or something…

They had a little store up front to play arcade games in, UNO at the table, and a concession stand inside where you can get all of your goodies, well you know if the camper didn’t have what you needed. I spent a decent amount of time here. I was playing pool with the neighbor kid to the campground, in walks Patrick, Curly haired blond dude, a good 6 foot 5 if I wasn’t mistaken, with his little sister “Lizzy” Which I will get back to some day.

Patrick asked me if I wanted to go out and wrestle instead of wasting all of my money at the arcade, I agreed, but I knew from looking at this guy that he would be tossing me around like a rag doll, a perfect David and Goliath situation.

I was fairly correct in my assumption, he did as a matter of fact toss me around just like I had already predicted, but somebody got the bright idea to go swimming in the lake.. So we did, all three of us, not the neighbor kid of course, but Patrick, and Lizzy, Ran back to the campers to get our swimsuits.

When back, I noticed that the water was fairly cold, so a little easier to just jump in so I didn’t back out of going in there. Patrick didn’t see him coming, took him from behind into a suplex, followed, by a back breaker… Then Aquarius vanished…

Patrick staring back at the water wondering what that was that went after him… I Told him not to worry about it, and we went back to his camper, and played cards for the rest of the night. Oh, not to mention, dad drank 2 full glasses of moonshine, and had to carry him back to our camper. ;P

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