Abbreviations of Aversion

“We are POCs”, they said I had a grin on my face the entire time, because I knew what this used to mean, while “Now” it means “person of color”, Prior to this, it meant specifically “Piece of Crap”, Watching London’s news you know the BBC, Sometimes I wonder when the one eyed willy is going to pork the blond, and you can’t forget the BBW, Big Bodied Woman, While she serves her tender loving care TLC, While you can’t stand her talking, and she gives you a headache requiring a BC Goody Powder for relief of your relief.

The moral of this story is, Abbreviations not always meant the same thing as they do now, so when someone laughs at you for describing yourself as a POC, or Mistakingly calling BLM, the BM… just make you stop over for some of that Preperation H at DG on the way to that BM. ya DIG?

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