Cloud for Donald Trump,

Hello, This is Claudatian Empire, Seeking not only to get Trump Re-Elected, but to share a story that I’ve kept locked into the recesses of my mind for many years, in which psychologists would tell you is a delusion of grandeur… Tip, don’t tell them about the weird dreams you have because they’ll be trying to medicate you within minutes of the prologue, which is technically just a dream i had about a fantasy world at the age of 13, there were quite a few of these, but I will go into just this one for now. From Naturism, to guardian Animals attempting to save the world from certain destruction, Known in my stories as “Beasts” Which would border celtic druidism, but it’s simply just a story of a kid with a crazy imagination… Please note, psychologists, stay away from my blog!

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  1. Pedro

    Very good Cloud and look forward to hearing the rest of what’s going on in that crazy mind of yours. 😁


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